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Thoughtful Embroidery Hoops Designs For Newlyweds

Aug 10, 2022

Attending a wedding and are stumped as to what to give the newlyweds? Do not be alarmed; we have your back! 

It can be difficult to track down the ideal wedding gift. After all, every couple has their own unique set of inclinations. When it comes to choosing gifts for the newlyweds, we’re all left to use our common sense and good judgement. In addition, we are confident in asserting that there’s always something to appeal to everyone. 

Couples getting engaged or married will cherish the thoughtful gifts they receive from friends and family for years to come. Additionally, this happily-ever-after couple will embark on a brand new chapter in their lives. And for this new chapter in my life, they’ll need some swanky furniture. This is why an embroidery hoop is a lovely present that has sentimental value as well as being aesthetically pleasing. We present to you some great options that will make a lasting impression!

A Modern Wedding Saga 

When the wrinkles have started forming and the gray hair strands are overpowering the black, it is the memories of a younger time that makes us smile. What better way to cherish the old times than to capture the moment perfectly in a form that feels real and resembles the love filled in that moment? 

At Knot Your Type, you can capture the perfect still from the wedding, right down the beautiful gown of the bride to the dapper suit of the groom. So, capture a modern sage forever with our embroidery hoops. 

Thoughtful Embroidery Hoops Designs For Newlyweds | Knot Your Type

An Indian Fairytale 

With a mesh of so many cultures and years of heritage, Indian weddings are the definition of perfection. With the bride gracing a beautiful lengha and the groom rocking the traditional attire, every Indian wedding is no less than a movie. 

So, create the ultimate poster of this movie for the newly weds to cherish forever by buying our creative and customisable embroidery hoops! 

Thoughtful Embroidery Hoops Designs For Newlyweds | Knot Your Type

Save The Date… Forever 

How often do men forget their anniversary date? Well, what if you had a perfect solution for that, while capturing the beauty of the wedding day itself? 

At Knot Your Type, we present to you our best selling product that features the gorgeous couple standing tall with all their glory and lost in their love, along with a calendar of the month that they got married in. An added perk? The date of the marriage is marked, ensuring no one is able to forget the prestigious occasion again! 

Weddings are a special occasion, not just for the newlyweds but for their loved ones as well. So, if someone dear to you is getting married, help them start this new chapter on a beautiful note by gifting them one of our gorgeous and customisable embroidery hoops!